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As the nation progress towards vision 2020, there is a growing need for high-tech buildings and sophisticated computer environment, to meet the demands of the proliferation of computer-based computers. Or what is termed as the Cyber-age companies. Generally, overall floor space for computer rooms has also increased in proportion with the number of personnel involved. This is also contributed by the fact that there are now more technologically advanced companies in terms of IT and telecommunications.

Unixpower M. E. Engineering Sdn. Bhd. has been providing the Complete Computer Power Protection and Site Preparation soltutions to these companies since its incorporation in August 1988. being the leader in the state-of-art office automation, we are also the exclusive deistributor for several manufacturers.


Some of our clients include IT giants like Acer Technologies, Applied Magnetic, ASE Electronics, DELL, Intel, Komag as well as non-IT companies like banks, resort, modern office buildings, medical research centers, stock-broking firms and other commercial  companies. Our current list if customers total more than 210 companies.

With our wide experience, we are able to assist our clients in formulating the best possible solutions while taking in consideration their future needs for expansion and upgrading, low maintenance and budget constrains. Our technical support for our clients has been excellent, which explains why, we have fostered a strong long term business relationship with them. With our reputation built around efficiency, service oriented and reliability, much of our business growth has been attributed to the referrals and recommendations of our clients to their business associates.

In the world of IT, where computers go obsolete in 6 months, the pace of development is unbelievable fast. As such, we keep abreast of the fastest developments in our business through attending international conventions and seminars, IT shows and exhibition as well as site visits to various parts of United States, Europe and the Far East. These know-how and experiences are in turn passed back to our clients, where you provide them with the Complete Computer Power Protection and Site Preparation solutions.


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